If variety is the spice of your life, then find yourself at home here. We welcome a diversity of cultures and voices with our educational and spiritual directions, with our pioneering and productive spirits, with our get-along and get-it-done attitudes.

The seeds of those positive traits were sown when Richmond was first settled 200 years ago by Quakers from North Carolina. People here weren’t afraid to stand up for what is right, as evidenced in the 1840s by some of the earliest and largest public outcries against slavery.

Nearby Fountain City was an important endpoint for the Underground Railroad. The Quaker influence helped lead to the start of Earlham College, which touches around the world with its graduates and its mission of global responsibility. In fact, 17 percent of its students are from foreign countries.

Campuses of Indiana University, Purdue and Ivy Tech are here, delivering diverse learning options. The colleges are teaching the workers of today … and tomorrow.

Some businesses have thrived for more than a century, producing everything from cookies to caskets to car parts. Cutting-edge businesses are sprouting in technology, in transportation, in recycling, in fitness and in a lot more modern fields.

We grow more diverse every day in a variety of ways: doctors, professors and executives from around the world bring special talents as they move here; a growing Amish community offers specialty products; and a growing variety of ethnic restaurants feed diverse tastes.

Come here and find out how a lot of spice is nice in life.