Make a Name for Yourself in Wayne County

By Mike Bennett

Add it to the long list of those who’ve shown the world this is a great place to live, learn and prosper. The Wright Brothers lived and sold bicycles here. Orville went through Richmond High School.

So did graduate Weeb Ewbank, the only NFL coach to win the Super Bowl in the AFC and the NFC. So did Terry Trammell, an orthopedic surgeon who is known as the doctor to the racers (around the world) and Dr. Charles A. Hufnagel, who invented the artificial heart valve.

Another graduate is golfer Bo Van Pelt, top 30 in the world and recent winner of major tournaments in Malaysia and Australia.

Other well-known graduates include: actress Polly Bergen, “King and I” author Margaret Landon, legendary jazz drummer Jeff Hamilton, NFL stars Lamar Lundy and Paul Flatley and Loretta Rush, the newest member of the Indiana Supreme Court.

NBA coach Del Harris honed his skills at Earlham College and also led teams in Puerto Rico, Canada and China. Television’s Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is a graduate of Earlham. So is Wendell Stanley, a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry. Charles Francis Jenkins showed the first film that was projected to an audience (in a Richmond jewelry store). Hoagy Carmichael recorded “Stardust” at Gennett Records in the Whitewater Gorge.

On and on it goes with extraordinary people: Industrialist Daniel Reid founded Reid Hospital. Charles Weeghman built Wrigley Field. The late Dick Baumgartner taught basketball shooting to tens of thousands of students. Ralph Teetor invented cruise control and fellow Hagerstown resident Charles H. Black invented the internal combustion  engine.

Come here and take part in the pioneering spirit. You could make a acclaimed name for yourself, too.