We’ve had an amazingly productive past in Wayne County and lots of positive-thinkers and -doers who are thinking big about our future. We’re going to have fun and surprise people. We’re going to be diverse and welcoming.

We are thinking that individuals and organizations can work together for positive results. We’re thinking better schools and more job opportunities. We’re thinking better health care and healthier lifestyles.


We’re thinking that we are an oasis in the Midwest, “living here” where it’s cheaper and more friendly and “going there” for big-city amenities whenever we want them. Our excellent highways can carry us almost anywhere we want to go and then back within an hour or so.

Where else can you live that have the amenities that we feature? Our quality-of-life features are hard to match: the parks and the performing arts, the museums and the murals, the depot and the diversity, the gorge and the greenways.

The Positive Place Initiative has a Facebook page that shares their successes, their good news stories and invites conversation on how we might collaboratively improve our community.

We have top-of-the-line health care centered around a great new hospital complex. We have a world-class new recycling facility that already has delivered hundreds of jobs. We have a revitalized historic train depot, a new Model T museum and rising enrollments in our four schools of higher learning. We have popular new gathering places like Starbucks, Chipotle and Olive Garden. We have high schools that are dramatically improving their test scores and graduation rates. We have homes and haircuts that cost half of the national average. We have legions of volunteers and financial contributors to worthy causes. We have young people whose energy, honesty and diversity helped bring All-America status to Richmond — again.

We’re taking positive steps and going positive places. We have a community conversation going and action plans in place. We support POS!TIVELY Wayne County.

We like what we’re hearing and seeing. Surveys show that three-quarters of people who live here are planning to stay here. A large number of residents have returned to live here.

Being positive means working to keep the good things going. It means constantly striving for a better future. The future is our younger generations: We must reach them with our positive message. We must be inclusive. It’s easy to see why: More than half of us are 50 or older. We must pass on the positives about this amazing place to future generations and to newcomers. It’s simply the right thing to do.